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The Fortunetellers is a narrative-based performance inspired by a six-month residency the American artist Ellie Ga spent on the Tara, a research sailboat frozen into the ice, purposely drifting near the North Pole to gather scientific data. Combining her memories with a vast array of documents she created and archived along the way (photographs, videos, annotated sketches, maps, travel log), Ellie Ga superimposes live storytelling, recorded sound, still and moving images, to conjure up the terms and rituals of daily life in the Arctic night. 

The Fortunetellers comprises tales about the history of the yoyo, the evolution of oceanic currents and their impact on planktonic life, as well as a study of contemporary and ancient forms of fortune telling, used by the artist as a metaphor for the past and future of the Arctic landscape.

Spanning a variety of media and often culminating in performances and installation, Ellie Ga’s work probes the distinctions between documentary and fiction, private and public histories, writing and visual inscriptions, and the still and moving image. Her work has been presented at institutions such as The Kitchen, New York; The Power Plant, Toronto; Fondation Cartier, Paris and The New Museum, New York. Ellie Ga is represented by Bureau, New York..

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