> > > FEBRUARY 1, 2014 AT EMPAC



Allege examines the possibility of an action that is not determined from the outside but is created from within itself. What can I do or not do to open up a field of undreamt-of possibilities?”
—Clément Layes

Humorous and conceptual, this solo by Clément Layes mixes performance art, philosophy, and dance with Chaplinesque virtuosity. Balancing a glass of water on his head for the duration of the performance, he takes us on a contemplative journey involving habit and expectation, the absurdities of life, and overlooked small moments of beauty.

With a background in circus arts, dance, and philosophy, French/German physical theater artist Clement Layes presents a remarkable physical feat and a personal universe that metaphorically mixes visual arts, choreography, and deeper thinking around the daily life of objects.

Public in Private, found by Clement Layes and Jasna Layes-Vinovrski in Berlin in 2008, researches, reflects, and questions social, political, and cultural structures, as well the individual’s position in these structures. Public in Private’s goal in its collaborative approach is to broaden the borders of choreographic language and create different thinking, perception, and reflection of different mediums of creation. The company’s primary aim is to further develop choreography as a contemporary art form..

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