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Stalkerpooh is a cinematic event in three episodes loosely inspired by the Andrei Tarkovsky film Stalker and the A.A. Milne book The House at Pooh Corner that conflates the “Zone” and the “100 Acre Wood” and the themes of escaping daily life to get ‘lost in the woods’ or ‘go to the zone’ that pervades both stories. Stalkerpoohcreates parallel characters that are sometimes human, sometimes anthropomorphic. The plot suggested by both the film and the book details a journey and an adventure.  Episode 1 – At the FifthStroke introduces the protagonists as some of them attempt to escape their daily lives. Episode 2 – The Zone/The Hundred Acre Wood takes the characters in and out and around in circles on a journey that finally lands them in Episode 3 – Barroom Radio or “the room” (the goal of the protagonists in Stalker) that turns out to be the radio station, first heard as an audio broadcast during Episode 1 – At the FifthStroke.Like the film and the book the characters strikeout on adventure only to end up where they started, back in the bar in time for “tea”. Each episode will have its own distinct set built for the EMPAC theatre space – the creation of Episode 1 is detailed below as the first part of our proposed three stage residency, the sets for Episodes 2 & 3 are to be developed.

Eve Sussman – is a British-born American artist. She was educated at Robert College of Istanbul, University of Canterbury and Bennington College. She resides in Brooklyn, New York, where her company, the Rufus Corporation is based; however, she continuously visits cultural centers around the world, where her exhibitions take place. Sussman’s work incorporates film, video, installation, sculpture, and photography. In 2003 she began working in collaboration with The Rufus Corporation – an international ad hoc ensemble of performers, artists, and musicians – and has produced the extraordinary motion picture and video art pieces 89 Seconds at Alcázar (2004) and The Rape of the Sabine Women (2007).  Sussman translates well known masterworks into her large scale re-enactments. Premiered at the 2004Whitney Biennial, 89 Seconds at Alcázar is a 10-minute, continuously flowing single take that meticulously creates the moments directly before and after the image portrayed by Diego Velásquez in Las Meninas (1656). Shot on location in Greece and Germany, The Rape of the Sabine Women is a video-musical loosely based on the myth of the founding of Rome, inspired by the French neoclassical painter Jacques-Louis David’s masterpiece, The Intervention of the Sabine Women (1794-1799). More recently, whiteonwhite: algorithmicnoir (2011) is a film that follows the observations and surveillance of a geophysicist code writer stuck in a futuristic city.

Simon Lee – With humble materials and straightforward means—found snapshots, plastic toys, pinhole cameras, and projectors—Simon Lee creates evocative, dream-like videos, projections, and photographs. As he explains, a fascination with light, essential for capturing images, drives his work: “I began to learn more about the physics of light and its complexities and mysteries, and it gradually became a central media in my work.” For one such work, called Bus Obscura (2004-), Lee converted a bus into a camera obscura by lining its darkened windows with pinholes. As the bus moved, the passing scenery was projected into its interior, flipped upside-down and scrolling past in a continually changing stream, like the unfolding scenes from a film shot in real-time..

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