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Eureka, a lighthouse play is a narrative performance that centers on the Great Lighthouse of Alexandria. Ever since it was destroyed in a series of earthquakes during the Middle Ages, many people have tried to reconstruct the lighthouse and trace its remains as one of the ancient wonders of the world. Most recently, archaeologists have attempted to piece together the lighthouse after underwater remains were rediscovered lying outside Alexandria harbor.

In 2012, Ellie Ga joined a Marine Archaeology program at Alexandria University. This performance recounts her pursuit of the lighthouse and the cast of characters that she uncovers. The narrative draws upon an archive of photographs, video footage, documents, objects and interviews – and describes the journey of an artist lost in the process of research. Like the growing cast of characters, it becomes impossible to piece together the thousands of stones that are barely visible on the seabed. 

Spanning a variety of media and often culminating in performances and installation, Ellie Ga’s work probes the distinctions between documentary and fiction, private and public histories, writing and visual inscriptions, and the still and moving image. Her work has been presented at institutions such as The Kitchen, New York; The Power Plant, Toronto; Fondation Cartier, Paris and The New Museum, New York. Ellie Ga is represented by Bureau, New York..

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