PRODUCING – Lotte van den Berg

Lotte van den Berg has won several awards, amongst which the Erik Vos prize and the Charlotte Kohler prize. Her work can be seen at various renowned European theatre festivals and her work is also performed in America, Canada and Africa. Her visual language is sober, bare. Images, movements and scenes are, through a dedicated attention for detail, condensed to their essence. Van den Berg moves between the worlds of dance, theatre and film, creating thus an open and very personal style, which invites the audience to contemplate different perspectives and angles. She works with professionals but also with people and amateurs, on location and in theaters and she chooses to be inspired by what surrounds us, what takes place in everyday life. In fact, someone wrote: ‘Van den Berg blows a bubble round the ordinary to grasp its naked essence.’

ThirdSpace Foundation was established at the beginning of 2015 to support the theatre projects of Lotte van den Berg. ThirdSpace is neither the space of a physical reality nor one of fantasy. It is a space in which alternative scenarios for reality can become possible. It is a space in which everything comes together, a space which brings extremes together without removing the difference. The creation of the third space, a meeting place of extremes, will be central to the work that Lotte van den Berg and her artistic partners will be creating in the next few years.

Our mission is to make the conflicts and contradictions that are present in society apparent, examine them collectively and raise awareness about them.

Together we face the challenge of giving a place to the differences that exist in society without ironing them out or radicalizing them. A challenge that requires us to question our own positions, and momentarily relinquish our own standpoints. Often, simply taking a little step back, a slight shift in perspective, putting yourself in someone else’s place for a moment, is enough to gain insight into existing dynamics and patterns. In the midst of the demands of daily reality, you soon get the feeling that you can’t afford to take such a step back and you become fixed in your viewpoints.

However, in the space of the arts, which is just a little apart from everyday life, we can adopt the mind-set of a rehearsal in relative safety and are able to exchange perspectives, standpoints and roles in a playful manner. Self-realization and self-development seem to have become the domain of many different forms of therapy. We think it’s important for the arts to re-hijack this domain. Art is the space where we can try things out, rehearse our ways of relating to others, and the other.

Within the context of the arts, we create temporary public spaces, spaces among and in the midst of people, in which we raise the matter of our social (in)capacity and create an inter-personal process . The most valuable spaces in the arts are not the theaters or the museums but the studio, the rehearsal room and the sketch pad. ThirdSpace has the aim of offering exactly this space for practice to the public. 

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